Rumbling Bald wildfire at Lake Lure


Earlier this afternoon I rode my motorcycle to Lake Lure to catch a glimpse of the raging wildfire at Rumbling Bald mountain. It was quite a sight to behold in the daytime, and I hadn’t seen any particularly good shots of the scene at night. I decided to return at night with my mom, with tripod.

My mother, sister, and I spent much of our earlier lives on this lake with my stepfather Michael DeBruhl Blankenship and his daughter Katherine. Lots of memories have been had at Lake Lure and it’s shocking to see the land we know so well fiercely ablaze.

I wanted to capture the carnage that is the almighty power of the natural wildfire for it is not often I get such an opportunity. This is actually the first wildfire I’ve ever had the experience of witnessing firsthand.


A new home

Hello World! I’m back up and running with jarretporter dot com, woo! Here I’ll cross-post photos of my explorations from instagram, as well as my journey as an aspiring backyard motorcycle mechanic, and whatever else I feel like posting 😀

For those not in the know I’ll be showcasing my photography with four other artists at the Downtown Underground Art Show at One World Brewing on December 7th from 6-9pm. I will have many prints available for purchase. Please come down and show your support for the local art scene, we’d love to see your beautiful faces!